Thursday, 15 January 2009

Yesterday Catchup

These are some of the jars from before that are now decorated with some of my new slips. I am testing alot of new things right now and are just stabbing at most of these decoratrions and hoping they will turn out. Doug is pushing me to do more surface deco at school so that is helping as well.

This is one of the four casseroles I turned yesterday. They are lidded as well and I will post some finished pictures.

Right now it is hard to find time to work with school. I am able to get about 3 hours in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I am trying to scrape some time up somewhere on Tuesday Thursday, but it may mean sacrificing some other uses of my time. I predict the clay will be ready this weekend some time and I am very excited about it. I am going to make some slip out of it as well just to see how it looks in salt at school.
We are starting to build a small geil kiln at school which should be great for testing out some new ideas and such as that. I am very excited about getting that experience as well. Today I will look at some new salt glazing/slipping ideas because we will be firing at school soon. It will be mostly work by Doug and myself in that one. I got a letter today from the Treasures of The Earth Show. The work from the next firing is mostly for that since all of my former work is either sold or old news.

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