Monday, 12 January 2009

Long Day, but Beautiful

These are the 15 bud vases I made today in the short time I scraped away with this morning.  I really like the shapes and I feel they are going to be a great way to warm up to larger shape ideas.  I am not sure how I will decorate these yet though.  I need to think of something that will accent these dramatic flowing forms.

I also had just enough time to mix up some white trailing slip.  I just mixed up a little to trail with to see if it works first.  It is the same clay I use for facejug teeth and eyes so I am sure it will be fine.

I am so worn from today because I had so many classes along with working early this morning.  Got up at 7:15 to head to work and got out of class at 8:30pm with next to no breaks at all.  It is going to be hard to do this driving home from school every day thing.  I am only able to work about 3 hours a day because of driving so I am looking into renting some space close to school.  I called some of my buds with garage and building space they aren't using.  I am hoping to be able to rent some cheap, close space.  Classwork is slowly building up as well so hopefully I can manage to keep from getting all stressed with all of the work I have to do here.     


  1. Good luck, lovely work Brad.

  2. Hi Brad, just come over from Doug's site in England.

    Great work you have a great eye for a form much as Doug has.

  3. Looking good. Hang in there. You have a lot going on for sure.