Saturday, 24 January 2009

Field trip Friday

These are pictures of the mural my African American Art History class went to see Friday.  These figures are supposed to represent the past and future generations of African Americans.
Railroad tracks to represent seperation  and segregation along with other meanings.  This mural went from floor to ceiling of a 3 story library at Winston-Salem State University.  It was really a sight and one could easily spend hours trying to pick the symbols of this art monster apart.  
Evidently James and John Biggers like to use geometric shapes within thier art.  There are 450 little squares that make up this whole painting.
I gravitated toward the traditional pot shapes painted within this great masterpiece.  

There were two paintings that went from floor to ceiling and were filled with so much great information and symbolism.  I could not capture it all in one shot, but I think I got some decent shots.  I guess you could check out some more about this really great African American art here.

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  1. thanks for sharing- looks like a great exhibition- would love to go in person.