Saturday, 7 August 2010

one more loading picture.

First apprenticeship kiln loading.

The big pots are behind all of these guys.
Here are some pictures from the loading of Mark's huge kiln. We are currently on day four and will finish on Monday. Getting the monster pots in was serious work and took serious planning, but I sure loved seeing them get to the right place in the kiln. It is a beautiful sight to see all of the pots in one closely tight space. All of the well planned curves and decoration tucked away nicely is a beautiful sight within the process of making hand made pottery.

This is my attempt at a sexy camera angle.
It feels very good the be loading this kiln. I have been here for two months now without an extremely great idea at how the pots I have been making every day will turn out. Without the knowledge of the particular places inside of the kiln I really have no clue what surfaces will appear on the work I have been making. Another reason it feels very good to be loading this kiln is because I have grown tremendously from the first pot of this kiln to the last. I am now aware of many faults within the way I was making and looking at work. This first cycle was more of an eye opener than anything. I have been admiring this grand style of work for a long time and am now aware of how seriously challenging and frustrating it can be. I was extremely humbled by the entire process and the number of pots that were made with great craftsmanship. Honestly, to look at my work from this cycle disgusts me a little bit. I see many flaws within my work and am in many ways not proud of it. There are a few monumental ones in the bunch though and I guess you never know until they are fired.
I think most people that work here feel like the first cycle is pretty rough. I am so ready for the next cycle to start so I can forget the rough beginning, but it is now time to fire up a serious load, and I do love doing that! Talk to yall soon!
I am going to Joseph Sand's pottery tomorrow to help him fire his fresh new kiln. I am quite excited bout seeing his first firing of pots. I will take some pictures and hopefully tell yall about it soon.