Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Im still making pots

Here are just some of the pots I have been making that I plan on firing at school pretty soon.  I have some different alkaline tests I want to try out.  There are some other shelves behind these with other pots.  I have enjoyed making the composite bottles the most and have been working on my lidded jars a good bit here lately.  

These are some goblets I made for two friends of mine getting married.  I wanted to make one with a dragon and the other with a phoenix which are chinese symbols representing male and female.  I made the rooster cup just because I wanted to and I like it the best.  

Firing at Matt Jones

I had such an awesome time helping Matt and his apprentice Alex fire the extremely large kiln full of pots from Saturday to Sunday.  The picture above is of Matt's son London and one of his buddies shooting bb guns at cans.  Matt's son is the boy in the back.  I had especially fun spending time with London and Matt's daughter Sara Francis.  They are really great kids.  
This is just a picture of Mike stoking.  You can see Matt in the background and Alex's girlfriend Molly opening the door for a good hard stoke.  I learned a great deal about kilns this weekend since the wood kilns I usually fire are much smaller.  Although there were many similarities there were a vast amount of subtle differences I really enjoyed.  
Many people dropped by throughout the day to catch a glimpse of firing.  Mike brought a new puppy with him who got plenty of attention from everyone especially the children.  This was such a cute picture I could not resist putting it up.

It rained pretty much the whole time I was there.  The Jones's have two little ponds that are flooding into one another creating a massive waterfall between the two.  It may seem like a problem, but it seems the kids loved playing in it.  The picture above is of water that is harnessed to produce energy for his glass crusher.  There was so much water flowing that it could not go into the tube fast enough.  We cleaned a number of fairly large rocks out of it to help fix it.  I truthfully need to get on the ball and build me one of those pivoting glass crushers.  Those things are so cool.  There is an old post Alex Matisse did on it a while back.  Check it out here.  Look and you can see the difference in water pressure.  It is pretty interesting.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fish from Saturday with an update

Here are some bass my dad and I caught last Saturday morning.  The one I am holding weighs 6 pounds and would have weighed more if I would have caught her before she laid her eggs.  They were right up on the banks and if you look at their tails and and back you can see they are pretty beat up.  That is from them digging out a bed on the bank to spawn.  
It has been a while since I have been on this thing because of school and stuff, but I have made a few pots.  I have about 20 or so that just came out of the kiln at school that look really nice.  They are alkaline glazed and turned out pretty shiny and have some nice places where the salt hit them.  I also fired the little teabowl that I had a test clay body on and it worked really well so I went and dug some more of that stuff and am running some tests to increase the plasticity.  I wili post some pictures of these as soon as I take them.  I have one more exam left tomorrow morning and I am done for the semester.  Whoo hoo!  I see alot more time to get some work done in the future since the summer is coming up.  talk to ya soon.