Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New filler pots (unfinished)

Around these big pots I have to have some straight tall fillers so I made a few last minute ones yesrterday.
I have gotten to where I use more finger wipes and carving away slips than trailing now. I am sure I will get back to it soon though. I have a load of new pots finished too and will be sure to post some new pics of them soon. The glazes turned out well, and I am pround of them.

Up side downers and siders

Here is one of the two mugs that I tried a side firing on some shells. I was extremely pleased with it and have lots more for the next load.
This is the opposite side of the mug shown above. I have probably drank around 25 cups of coffee out of it already and it was just fired a 2 weeks ago from this friday. It works very well, and I hope many more come out like it in the future.
Here is the inside of an upside down mug with a pretty nice shell mark on it, and some sweet glaze drips
Here is a picture of the outside. You can see where that glaze caught on the under side of the ridge in the middle instead of the top because it was fired up side down.
Here is one of the underside. I put a piece of blue glass inside of the foot and it got so reduced that it turned purple and red in some places.
An up side down bowl with a little bit of glaze drip on the rim.

Here is the wild underside..... hope you enjoy!

Big pots

So I have started firing and working hard on some big coil and throw pieces, and they are most definitely humbling. This planter has a few cracks in the top of the rim which was a huge bummer considering the awesome quality of the glaze. I guess my mom will love it. I am sure it will go nicely with all of the other pieces that she has received lately.
Here is a closeup of the sweet glaze drips from one of the handles. I was very pleased with the glaze.
Here is a jar that did not crack or screw up. I do think the lid warped during the firing and now it sits a little high which bugs me pretty bad. On the positive side the finger wipes on this pots turned out really nice. I looked at the pictures from my previous blog with the four pots in a row and realized that only one of those four made it to completion without cracking or busting. Apparently I need to do something different, and I think it is the clay body I am using.
Here is a sweet closeup of the finger wipe decoration on this large jar.

These are jars for the next firing which will hopefully be loaded on Wednesday. The taller one has cracked in the bottom and now I am trying to fix it, but I am pretty sure I am wasting my time. lol. These bigger pieces have really come with a whole noew set of problems to encounter, but I am learning.