Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New Salt Glazes!

These are some of my ash glazes that came out of the salt kiln at school. I was very pleased with the results. I had a few different ones and different slips underneath. My favorite one is the vase that got the most salt and looks the most wet. I had a bunch of them turn out matted which I think was due to the cooling rate. I got some grinding ahead of me though.

Diggin some clay

Here is some a sample of some of the clay I have been digging. I have done tests on the more yellowish white looking clay and it does not fire hot enough. I have tested this clay in one pot and it fired beautifully with an ash glaze on it so I am going to try some more. I honestly think it looks like it would melt going to a high temperature but it held pretty strong once so hopefully it will do it again. I am planning on doing some serious digging while I am out of school on Monday or so. Should be alot of fun! This is a loose teabowl that I made becuase the clay was so soft. Dang it sure is a gorgeous clay body though aint it!

Crappie Fishin'

Well my dad and I have been trying to catch some crappie here the last few weeks. The water needs to be around 60 degrees before they start hitting the banks and it was 58 today when we fished. I caught 6 and my dad caught seven in a little over an hour. I would say they arent quite at peak yet so we got some real good fishin ahead of us. My dad and I are leaving to go turkey hunting tomorrow and I am pretty pumped about it. I am out of school for easter break the rest of the week and Monday. I have a load of cleaning up to do downstairs since all of the show rush and all. It feels so good to be back though even if it is just cleaning up. I have been stuck at school writing papers and stuff all week.