Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas Firing!

We just finished burning a kiln load of pots at the Hewitt Pottery. We finished Friday evening and will unload and start cleaning pots on Friday of this week.
Here is a picture of the faithful firing crew minus Glen.
This is a shot of the inside of the front firebox when the kiln was around 1100 degrees or so. Pretty cold, but a sweet shot of some swirly flames!
During my first shift I felt inspired to speak for the kiln. Hopefully these messages were inspiring to some stokers other than myself.

I made a number of shots while the pots were at peak temperature and cooling, but only uploaded one because they all started to look the same to me.

After my second cycle at the Hewitt pottery I have been working here for six months. It has taken some serious adjustments, but I am starting to get the feel of this place. I am much more satisfied with my pieces from this cycle than the ones from the last, but still ended up trashing quite a few pieces before they could be loaded into the kiln.
Making work here is becoming more and more fun with time. I can tell I am becoming a much more skilled craftsman every day. Although I do feel more comfortable here I still continue to be humbled on a daily basis. I hope to see you all at the holiday kiln opening the first weekend in December! If you have any questions just ask! Thanks!