Friday, 7 August 2009

fresh minded work

So I have taken about the last 4 weeks or so off.  I have been gone on a few trips since I have came back from penland and it has really been a great time to clear my head.  I made twenty plates of this size and did a whole bunch of loose sketches before hand.  These are a few of the slip designs I came up with.  The red slip is a slip made from a local clay, the black is a black slip, amd the white is a slip I made from a different clay body I use.
This is a coin I recently acquired from a good friend of mine.  Her father used to be my scoutmaster until he died when I was about 13 or so.  She and her sister are selling a bunch of things from his antique collection.  

The scout slogan is "do a good turn daily" and the point of this coin was to promote it.  You left the coin in your left pocket until you performed a good turn (helping an old lady cross the street, or something of the sort).  Upon performing the good turn you "secretly" move the coin to your right pocket.  I thought it was a pretty cool object.  I hope you do as well.