Saturday, 31 January 2009

Jingdezhen Bowl in GWU Art Studio

So I found this bowl being used as a still life in the painting room and knew it was from Jingdezhen.
I just think it is so cool to think that that Jingdezhen can somehow get a bowl here.  It makes me wonder who actually bought this thing or brought it.  
Here are some pictures from the actual old village at Jingdezhen.  See how these bowls look so much like the one in the picture except I dont think these are painted with cobalt.  
Here is a picture of a worker taking a break before he noticed me (a tourist) standing there.

Some of the bowls just like the one in the art building drying just after turning.  I hope you can see how cool it was for me to have found that random bowl in the painting room at school.  Isnt that just crazy?

Well.... we are firing at school today and I have a load of pots in the kiln so I am off to work.  I will take some pictures and let you know how it goes though. 

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