Sunday, 11 January 2009

Getting Back on Schedule

Here are some jars I finished up this afternoon.  I tried a bit more of a traditional NC shape on these since I have been looking at pictures of some lately at Tom Turners place and in books.
These are the awesome pots I got for christmas from my mom.  She got them sent from England from Doug Fitch's place where I stayed for a week in June.  He also sent me some English tea which made my Christmas more awesome.  It reminded me of the adrenaline packed feeling of missing class to go out in the country to study pots with 'ole Douglas Fitch.  Man I am such a rebel potter!! haha!

These are some recent work examples.  The bud vase I made at the end of the work day just to experiment.  I plan on making a few boards of them tomorrow morning.

My school schedule has all of the classes in the afternoon so I can drive home to make pots in the morning.  I need to have a little more than 200 by the end of February.  I have a list of the pots I need to make and will post on it later.  Basically I go and push out as much work as I possibly can for around 3 hours a day or so.  Then it is off to the collegiate studies of art (and college experience!!).  I hope that helps you all understand more about what I am posting about.  I think if you know how packed my schedule is it helps a bit.  The new clay should be ready some time this week.  I am very excited about it. 

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