Wednesday, 7 January 2009

First NC blog!!

This is a picture of some of the clay that I dug here at home since I have been back.  I turned this cup with it straight out of the pit and the other wet stuff is sifted, processed, and drying out for its first test use.  I am extremely excited about this clay and that cup is so tough it is almost like it is made from cement.  
Since I have been back I have been writing and drawing up some of my new shape designs for the first firing of 2009.  I am primarily firing for a show at the beginning of March.  I will also have a salt firing at school before then for the treasures of the earth show in Shelby.
The little lidded soup bowl is designed specifically for the microwave so nothing splatters and it is good for steaming or boiling top ramen noodles.
Some of my mugs or tankards.

And the new trailed fish made it home to an english inspired lidded jar.

Since I have been home I have been visiting some people in my home state that love to make pots much like myself.  Among those are Ron Philbeck, Michael Kline, and Tom Turner.  I also plan to visit Dwight Holland, Daniel Johnston, and some others as well.  I have now realized the great amount of knowledgeable resources that are available through the local potters in NC.   I am in school now,  but have most of my classes in the afternoon so I am able to go home and make pots in the morning.  I will probably be pretty busy until after that show in March.  Hopefully this blog will be kept up and useful for others reading it.  


  1. hey brad, welcome back to blog land, it will be good to see how your experiences show up in your new work this year, cheers ang

  2. Looking good BL. Hope to see you soon and hear about your visit with Tom. (And get the pot MK sent me.)

  3. welcome home. that slip trailing is killer.