Thursday, 15 January 2009


This is a picture I took with my camera phone when I was digging for the new clay. This stuff is top notch! I was able to move a coil around my finger almost four times round without a single crack. (pictured above). This was straight from the creek bed of course. So far all I have done to it is sift it through a window screen and am now waiting for it to dry. I did manage to turn a nice small cup with it without any processing though. I had to pick out some roots along the way of course. You can see that cup in one of my former posts if you like. Finding a vein with clay this plastic is very exciting for me and I am looking forward to digging more of it very soon after testing it.


  1. Hey Brad - it's all really exciting stuff and fantastic pots too - look forward to a good chat on Skype soon. Everything's a bit crazy here at the moment - firing approaching, but not enough time, fancy popping over to make a few pots to help fill the kiln?!