Monday, 26 January 2009

Seagrove, and Dwight Holland Visit

On Sunday I got my parents to drive me to Seagrove to spend the afternoon visiting some potters I have been meaning to visit.  The main reason I was going was to see Dwight Holland who I met in China.  This is a picture of the outside of Dwight Holland's house.
These are some of Dwight's collection.  I could have gone all day picking out great pots by my favorite artists.  In my opinion he has great taste because almost every pot I saw I thought was pretty much amazing.  One of my favorite pots in his house was this big one by Daniel Johnston.
He had mugs hanging from the ceiling in his kitchen. 
He also had a very large casserole collection, and this is just a small selection.  Dwight had a whole second floor covered with ceramics.

There was also a large dog that entertained my Dad for a while.  

On the same day I stopped for a chat with Daniel Johnston, and Tom Grey.  Both visits were very beneficial as far as advice goes for my future.  Hanging around people that are passionate about my interests is always uplifting.  Being around some really amazing pots is always quite inspiring as well as humbly putting me in my place.    

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  1. I loved these pictures and really enjoyed the day. Your new pots are great. Mom:)