Friday, 20 March 2009

Really Fast Week.

Although this week has been jammed with all kinds of action with the end of the semester approaching and loads of things being due I had a great week.  The best day was without a doubt Tuesday.  I got the opportunity to go spend the day up at Penland goofing around.  I spent the day with Jeff Deihl, Phil Rogers, and Kurt Teeter who were all traveling around to see the great pottery of NC.  I had the privilege of eating lunch with Cynthia Bringle along with the rest of the group which was pretty awesome to say the least.  The picture above is of the group looking around in Cynthia's gallery before we took off to Penland for lunch.  
After spending some time at Penland we were able to go visit John Brit.  He had a mess of Turkeys he was feeding behind his studio which was really awesome to see.  Those turkeys are really amazing creatures.   He has a large number of kilns as well which was great to see.  My good friend Hal Dedmond has been taking some classes with him so it was good to meet him.  

I was then able to go see Michael Hunt's studio and pottery shop which was one of the grandest parts of the day.  His kiln is gorgeous and I took a real liking to it.  Phil and Jeff really admired his pots more than any we had seen that day because they were extremely Korean.  Jeff and Phil have both spend a good amount of time there so they had that in common.  You can check out some of Michael's work here.  Him and his wife Naomi have really sweet operation going and it was a real inspiration to a young guy who is about to dive in head first.  

Sorry the posts have been lacking a bit.  There have just been many things to do with school and the Hickory Show coming up next weekend. 

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