Friday, 25 September 2009

My Thesis

So I am currently working on my senior thesis.  It is called "a quest for presence".  It is out to prove what gives a piece presence.  Like a pot you can feel tension from the minute you walk into a room.  It is a cultural ceramic comparison of east and west as well.  Here is a quote I developed after reading my professors thesis on Cezanne and Matisse that I thought was extremely applicable to a potters lifestyle and work. 

 "There is an innocence, a beautiful innocence that is created within solitude.  Because with no influence one is permitted to create only with the resources available to him which are yourself and your God, in an honest responsive way."    

Right now I am standing in front of one of the best kiln loads I have ever had while pictures are being made.  So expect some sweet pics from the most recent firing very soon.  Thanks all!

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