Thursday, 24 September 2009

Loads of Change

So now that I have started school it is a whole new ball park as far as the business of making work goes. I did not want to drive home (like thirty minutes) to make pots so I am renting this 18 by 26 carport with a dirt floor for the semester because it is pretty much in my back yard.  As you can see there is still grass in the floor because it has not died yet.  I am not doing any bisque at all and am moving the work to whatever kiln I can use.  Normally it is the schools salt kiln.  
This picture and some of the others are of the inside of the new studio.  I love the floor, but the walls are somewhat boring.  It is going to get super cold in the winter unless I do something, and I plan to get some insulation of some kind and use a space heater or something.  I am alos planning on making some sort of hot box for my clay and wet pots so they do not freeze and crack.  The shop is super messy in this picture bc it was near the end of my cycle for this load and it got a little chaotic with green glazing.  I have broken quite a few pots trying to get the green glazing timing down.

Here is another view of the new studio.  I really like being able to pay close attention to my work while I am at school.  It is a little strange though when I have more visitors that I am used to, but I like it much more than I thought I would.  Juggling this job with school work has been a whole lot to handle since I have more shows and junk this semester than I have ever had before.  But overall this change has been really great because I can escape and concentrate on my work pretty easily with this awesome resource in my back yard.  


  1. Nice wheel setup! I've always want to buy a jack like that, but opted for a wooden platform which I add a box to if I need to get higher. Nice setup. Good to hear from you, welcome back.