Friday, 27 February 2009

Weak Week..... but a good week.

So here is a picture of a bisque I was stacking.  The large pots at the bottom left no room to put anything else on shelves so I decided to tumble stack.  I had never really done it before and thought it was fun getting these guys to all balance on one another.  It really makes me want to do some tumble stacking in an atmospheric firing some time with wadding and all.  They all came out okay this morning and I put another load in.  It should be the last one for the firings before the show in Hickory.  That show is on the 28th of this month and is one I am really looking forward to.  

This is the last still life I finished in painting class.  As you can tell I was brown nosing my teacher a bit by writing that I hearted her.      
Next week is the week before spring break and everyone is running around with midterms on their mind and all. I am one of the ones with much due at the beginning of the week so I am at school working on stuff for class all weekend like the really persistent college student that I am (said with a sarcastic tone).  This past week has been pretty chill though while doing the bisque and all.  I did alot of reading and stuff.  Did some thinking about pot designs as well.  It is always good to have some time to do that every once in a while. I plan on doing some sketching and planning for some new pot ideas on account of being a little burnt out after working for this load.  Hopefully spring break will  be rejuvenating for that.        

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