Friday, 6 February 2009

A New Day

A vase and jar I decorated today.  They are both with about 7 pounds of clay.  I have been thinking of lining and glazing at the leather hard stage in order to avoid cracks that happen when you glaze bone dry.  I got some cracks in the last firing due to that.  The face on the right is not one I like because I think it is emotionless, but as my father would say; "somebody'll like it".  
Here are some casseroles I made about a week ago, but just realized I wanted to put a picture up of them.  I hope you enjoy.  The black slip came out with a crackly texture that I like, but I am thinking of mixing something with it in order to soften the texture.  

So I got to work a bit this morning and it felt good after the treasures show.  I have been making some large one piece jars and jugs lately.  I made a face jug today and did not like it very much, but I do plan on making a few more faces on Saturday so hopefully they will get better.  I am excited about getting some work done without any show pressures for the next month or so.  I am planning on making all of my large pieces first so I am letting some of my clay harden up a bit so I can pull up a few large pieces.   

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