Monday, 6 June 2011

New Shop Video.

This video should have been posted a long time ago, but I got a little busy. Business as a journeyman has been great lately since the summer has arrived. People are coming and buying pots so potters need me to turn pots. It is great to have plenty of work t do here in Seagrove.
In the video you will see me riding my bike up my driveway and back to the grainery which I have transformed into a new workspace. This grainery was full of junk when I arrived, but is now looking pretty good. I have made pottery here, but it was quickly moved out and sold as greenware to a few local potters for some quick cash. Right now those are the only type of pots being made there, but hopefully that will change soon!
I have found some kiln brick at a very good price and designed a wood kiln for myself. I have been clearing out space and will be putting up a kiln shed as soon as the next few weeks. Hopefully there will be a post on it very soon!

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