Thursday, 28 January 2010

Nomadic College Potter!

Over Christmas I moved my studio equipment back to the basement of my parents house so I have been a nomadic potter for the last while.  I moved back there because I was living over there over christmas break.  It was a much more predictable environment with the AC and all, but it required me to really jump on my horse because stuff was drying out so fast.  I honestly did not work that many days over break, but the days I did work I was able to do handling and all in the same day if I got in there early enough and it was nice to have that control.  
These are some of the pots I made over break.  Some big bowls and vases with fillers.  
I made and broke a number of big pots over break.  My favorite was the wide jar here, but the bottom busted on it so that was a bummer so I guess I will have to make another one.  The other jar has a lid too and looks much stronger with it on there.  To the right are a couple of planters or umbrella holders.  I am having a real blast making these large pots and have a pretty good clay body mixed for them so I am doing as many as I can.
Yesterday I called Ron Philbeck and he told me Michael Kline was in his studio hanging around so I made the way over there to talk pots and just general things as well.  It was a real load of fun and I wish I could have stayed longer if you want to know the truth.  As you can see these guys are avid bloggers and have their cameras ready to snap some shots.    

I figured I would put up a pic of me workin just because that is all have been itchin to do lately and every chance I get I run to the studio to make work.  Sadly we are having some serious issues with the kiln while I am sitting on a few loads of pots.  We should be able to get it resolved in the next week and I will be a firing machine for a while, but until then all I can do is sit around until the parts come in which is really driving me crazy since I have a show in Shelby next week.  AAAAAAAHHH!  I guess it is all good though considering my hands still work very well. haha.  


  1. I love the tongue on the working shot :-)
    <>< Katie

  2. Hey, Kline left shortly after you did. Wish we all could have hung out longer. It was good seeing ya. When are you going to do the video riding the bike?

  3. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................