Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Penland Parade!!!

A very large crowd came around for the 4th of july parade at Penland on the 1st.  Everyone stayed around afterwards for some really awesome fireworks.
So our thai float won an award and the trophy we won is pictured above being held up by the glass flame working instructor.  I think everyone was pretty surprised we won the thing.  About five of us from the class wore sarongs and did a dance to some traditional thai music.  We were with our float which was a small truck with brice sitting in the back of it turning a large jar on a wheel with his feet.  We each also wore one white glove in memory of Michael.  
These are a few members of the photo class.  Pretty sweet costumes eh?
The teaching class which was in lower clay has the coolest float ever!  This awesome huge old lady.  

Here is the float by the drawing class.  Just a golf cart with some of their pieces taped to the sides.  Sometimes it is best to just keep it simple I suppose.  Overall the parade was a real success.  I had an absolute blast. 

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